“We are responsible for taking care of you”

One of the main objectives of our residence is to improve the welfare and quality of life of each of our residents, and that is why we consider vital to our service registered nurses 24 hours.
Our team provides a high level of care, the most suitable to enhance, maintain and restore the well-being of our residents, and thanks to the thorough work together with the doctor and our extensive experience in all types of nursing techniques, we avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.
Being as linked to our residents, we believe it is essential our nurses are bilingual because we have residents with 8 different nationalities, the most are Spanish and Dutch.
Our most important techniques:
  • Intravenous treatments and invasive techniques.
  • Realization of soundings and stenting.
  • Stitches and cures.
  • Specific care of stoma.
  • Blood samples either capillary or intravenous.
  • Electrocardiographs.
  • Palliative treatments.