Short stays

“For when you need us”

This plan is intended to establish a short stay. For example a couple of days, a week or the days needed. Our center offers a warm and familiar place when you need us. Very often, for various reasons as well as travel, illnesses, fatigue of indisposition, the family has required a place to stay for a period of time.

“We are more than just a residence”

In our center we have experience with all kinds of medical requests. We have an experienced and professional team of employees to provide you with the best care and guidance.

In our center we treat all types of people, young and old. We offer various care programs such as a ward for people with Alzheimer’s (dementia), holiday accommodation or rehabilitation program. We also offer palliative care for terminal patients.

When you need this temporary stay service, you can take advantage of all the benefits we offer at our center, such as 24-hour medical counseling, health care, activity counseling and hydrotherapy / physiotherapy programs.

If you have another type of request for help, about which you cannot find anything on our website, please contact us by telephone and we will make a tailor-made offer for you.