Residents with dementia

“Your sick family member relies on you, you can count on us”

In our center we work on the welfare and daily care of our residents with dementia. We know that both the resident and their family member or carer need special care and guidance. We have a specialized department, where we provide individual care to these people, helping them with whatever is necessary to deal with the disease in the best possible way. For this we have a team of specialized employees: occupational therapists, psychologists, nurses and of course our medical team who is available 24 hours.

Our Relax therapies

Our center has a special area adapted for relaxation treatments. About 14 years ago we implemented this form of therapy for every resident who experiences feelings of restlessness, aggressiveness, depression, muscle fatigue or stiffness because of their illness. We strive not to administer too many drugs to treat the above problems, but to keep our residents active and not sleepy all day long.