Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy

“Our experience in rehabilitation makes us succeed”

The individualised physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments at Residencia Ciudad Patricia help our residents to improve their physical condition as quickly as possible after an illness, intervention or injury.

Our physiotherapy service, coordinated by our specialist in Rehabilitation, Dr. Fernando Verdú, considers each case on an individual basis and prescribes personalised treatments, adapting them to the needs of each of our residents. The aim is to achieve maximum autonomy in the shortest possible time.

We have specific protocols for each intervention, approved by the centre’s multidisciplinary team and endorsed by the Official College of Physiotherapists of the Valencian Community and the University of Rotterdam (Netherlands).

You will receive per day:

* 1 hour of manual therapy (massages, infrared treatment, etc.)

* 1 hour of hydrotherapy (exercises in the water)

* 1 hour of physiotherapy exercises (in the exercise room according to your treatment program).

In addition, you are free to use the facilities in the exercise room throughout the day.