Fire protection

“We have fire protocols to ensure the safety of the center”

Our residential complex can boast of being one of the safest places where you can stay. Despite having never had any incidence, we don´t rely on it and continue to work every day to make this aspect a priority in our center.

Fire safety is one of the most important concerns of Residencia & Rehabilitación Ciudad Patricia. The active and passive systems are globally designed and are constantly updated according to the current regulations. This system is an uninterrupted and highly effective protection for its occupants and also for the building itself.

Fire alarm center

The fire alarm is immediately received by our control center. Following our protocol, we verify the incidence, analyze it and communicate directly with the Fire Department of Benidorm.

Security cameras

 “A controlled environment”

The center has security cameras throughout the residence. In addition, we have a private surveillance service in the complex also.

Main objectives of our security cameras:
In common areas, it provides information about any incident, avoiding subsequent conflicts that might bring doubts and suspicions about the autothorship of the facts.
Prevent unauthorized personnel wander about certain areas, keeping a record of reliable images.
Strengthens control over external concierges.

Emergency or assistance calls

“Assistance and control system that provides total security for the resident”
Every resident has an assistive call device which, if necessary, must only press the button and the system will locate its location anywhere in the residence. For ease of use, this device will always be worn as a pendant.

“Control system and welfare”

Every resident becomes a system for care assistance. If necessary, one must just press the botton of the device you´ll have to wear as a necklace and the system knows your location anywhere in the Residence.

We always try to be at the forefront of technology and strive for a continous improvement and provide our clients the highest quality in all our services, always conveying a sense of security.

Our goal is to make the Residencial center of Ciudad Patricia a unique place for everyone, an extension of your home, a place where you feel to be cared for, looked after and protected.