Dr. Fernando Verdú Más.

Dear residents,
We like to inform you that our multidisciplinary team as from the month of November has been expanded with a rehabilitation doctor. Dr. Verdú will be present twice a month on Friday mornings. The appointments for his consultations will be given through the reception desk of the medical center.

Dr. Verdú specializes in rehabilitation and will work together with our physiotherapists and the other doctors of the Residencia. He will mainly focus on rehabilitation and an important aspect of his functions will not only be to give back the highest possible independence of our residents, but also to treat acute as well as chronic pain, that affects many of our residents. This new additional service is fully included for the residents of Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia.

For more questions abouth this subject, do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely,

Barbara Acevedo,
Residencia & Rehabilitación Ciudad Patricia