Residencia & Rehabilitación
Ciudad Patricia

“Residencia Ciudad Patricia has always been a model in providing assistance to our elderly. Despite the fact that we have taken extreme security measures, some residents and employees had become infected with the COVID-19 virus.

It was a tough and complex test for us, but it has turned out that our quality of care is also maintained in these circumstances.

We have at all times provided openness and honest information to the Public Health authorities about the situation in our center and their support has been invaluable to us in overcoming this situation.

As a director, I have seen that we have an admirable, responsible and professional team of employees who are committed 24 hours a day to perform their work as perfectly as possible, something that I am very proud of.

We have managed to normalize the situation again. After performing all necessary tests (PCR and serological tests), there are no more patients or employees who are affected or suspected. I have therefore officially requested for the end of the outbreak”.

Barbara Acevedo

We offer you a variety of assistance and personal care services 


  • Daily assistence, scheduled and adapted to the evolution of the resident.
  • Own team of doctors and nurses  24h.
  • Physical therapy, manual therapy and hydrotherapy.
  • Psychological support.



  • Injuries or post hip, spine, knee or shoulder surgery.
  • Convalescence after any type of surgery. (Cardiac, abdominal, etc).
  • Rehabilitation after a cerebral stroke.

Care hotel

  • Are you in need of any care or assistance and do you want to go on holidays to Benidorm?
  • We are specialized in dedicating services to those people who are independent and need 24 hour assistance.

“Living like at home”

A very personalized service, coupled with our work and dedication, have made it possible for us to obtain the ISO 9001 certification. The small details are the hallmark and quality of our center.

Physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists… They study the particular needs of our patients to make them feel at home.

Residencia & Rehabilitación Ciudad Patricia Benidorm

Commitment to quality and excellence

Focused on the needs of our residents

Your satisfaction is our main goal and a constant search for quality.
Acquiring ISO 9001 Certification, we show you our concern for quality and start a project towards the excellence of our services.